thumbnail sketch of warzone paths through the city

Project : Walking the Warzone

Above – thumbnail sketch of plan for walks through Seattle. warzone is an in-progress project, comprised of multiple walks that I’m taking over time through the city of Seattle….

Movement in Kind | 34" x 60"  |  pastel and graphite on paper  |  2015

Recent Walk Drawings – Movement in Kind | 2015

Recent works based on a specific routine walk.

A Line Amongst Other Lines  |  60" x 83"  |  pastel on paper  |  2015

Recent Walk Drawings – Writing in the Urban Grid | 2013-present

My current research is rooted in the everyday practice of walking, combining smartphone GPS tracking apps with traditional drawing mediums as a means of excavating how a line,…


Paintings | 2009-present

My painting process is one of possibility. They give me the space to rest from movement. Sometimes my imagery comes from my walks, and my maps. Sometimes they come from…


Unmarked Crosswalk (video) | 2011

Unmarked Crosswalk from Matthew Whitney on Vimeo. Half a block from my house is located an intersection at which two sidewalks meet.


Reflection Carriers | 2012

The Reflection Carrier is a multi-purpose device, designed to aid and amplify one’s contemplation of life and art.

Produce  |  digital c-print

The Tourist | 2011

The Tourist is a multifaceted art exploration comprised of drawings, paintings, photographs, video performances, and texts.

Clairvoyance (first walk)  |  pastel on paper  |  60" x 66"  |  2011

Clairvoyance (walking others’ words) | 2011

For this project, I did not wish to put my own words forward as an individual projection, for we are far too familiar withwalking our own words.


Seeking Wilderness(es) | 2014 Seeking Wilderness(es) from Matthew Whitney on Vimeo. New Direction | 2012 New Direction from Matthew Whitney on Vimeo. Impervious | 2012 Impervious from Matthew…


Photos of what I see from walking, teaching, and other everyday circumstance around Seattle. Canon T3i, iPhone 5s, and occasionally Pentax K1000.