Current work in progress, commissions, and experiments.

Movement, Place, Connectivity, Receptivity  |  graphite, pastel, and conte on paper  |  approx. 60″ H x 84″ W  |  private commission

Constructing a Segregated City, collage on paper, 22″ x 30″. Map of Seattle with text referencing racist language from neighborhood covenants, which can be found in many city property deeds. Text derived from research by Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project:

Constructed, collage on paper, 21″ x 36″


Walking downtown (Volcano!), 25″ x 38″, pastel on paper

Branching paths (commissioned work, 39th and Fremont), 22″ x 30″, ink and colored pencil on paper.

Where we are dispersed (commissioned work, Gather and Scatter), 22″ x 30″, ink on paper.