Do you want to join me at the Grunewald Guild this summer for a few days of contemplative practice and stomping around on paper? Of course you do!

Awaken your inner cartographer by walking on large sheets of paper, inviting imprints of dirt, mud, and earth on the surface. Using our feet as brushes, we respond to the textures and patterns that emerge, later adding ink, graphite, or any medium of your choice. Kind of a metaphor for life. How so? Come join me and find out! It’s an intuitive process that has no bar for entry, no so-called artistic skill required, and you just might awaken a slumbering but powerful Inner Artist. And I’ll be sprinkling in some spiritual direction and meditation because I can. We’ll be at the transcendent Grunewald Guild, with the River as our companion and the pines offering their summer fragrance – July 16-20, 2023. Sign up at

a walk always goes somewhere, graphite and acrylic on paper, 2019, 60″ x 150″