I’ve been making a lot of paintings lately. It’s been a joy for me to return to paint and canvas. I’ve been posting them to my blog and to social media as they’ve been finished, and I’ve been grateful for your comments and engagement with the images.

I’ve created this online gallery so you can see them together in one place.

I’ve also listed prices for them. Many have supported and patroned my work over the years and I continue to overflow with gratitude for the ways you have supported me as an artist, and honestly helped my family live! There have been times when selling a painting meant I paid a mortgage or was able to buy groceries or made a student loan payment.

I am exceedingly blessed to not be in such financial straits these days, such that I don’t need to sell art to pay my bills. Right now though, many artists do and I encourage you to support artists who are struggling right now. Artist Trust has made this simple.

So these paintings are for sale, and I would love for them to find homes. I also acknowledge that several hundred dollars is a very meaningful amount of money to most people I know. It certainly is for me. If that feels like a hardship, or if you’ve wanted one of my artworks for awhile but felt you couldn’t afford it, I want to make that possible.

So I’m trying out a sliding scale. For each painting, you’ll see a price with a strikethrough, and a second bold price. The bold price is what I can afford to part with the artwork for.

Note that each price is all-inclusive of federal tax and state sales tax, the cost of materials, including the frame, the time it takes me to make the frame. And whatever is left over is what I get to put towards vet bills for puppy and child college funds. A ballpark estimate of my time is $20-25 an hour to make a painting I sell at the higher price, and $15-17 an hour at the lower price.

During this time I will also donate 30 percent of these profits across three organizations:

Food Lifeline – helping the hungry in Washington State

Real Rent Duwamish – the indigenous peoples of Seattle and King County.

Artist Trust COVID-19 Fund – helping artists who are struggling to pay bills.

Selling art for me is not like haggling over a commodity. It’s a gift relationship between you and me. Particularly with me – if you’re looking to buy art as a financial investment, don’t buy my work! You’re much better off going to an art gallery or art fair. I’m not blowing down any doors on museums, or paving new avant-garde paths.

My space is this little niche I’ve found between artmaking, everyday life, and exploration of the inner life and how that is expressed on the spiritual journeys we all take. It makes life exceedingly meaningful for me.

Becoming a patron of my work is a relationship – you know me, and you know something about me, and its something you can speak to when you have the work in your home. Similarly, I am delighted to find myself having dinner in someone’s home, and see a painting I made several years ago hanging on their wall. And that puts us into conversations about one-another’s spiritual journeys that is the grist of well-lived life.

Thanks for reading and for considering.

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