About Me

I am a working artist, art educator, and currently serve as the Creative Director for SDI – The Home of Spiritual Companionship. On this site you’ll find a portfolio of artworks and projects I’ve done over the years, and some info on my work in spiritual guidance.

Art and Walking

Walking is the best way I’ve found to practice life as it is – simply being in the present moment. Much of my current work of the past several years has been rooted in the everyday practice of walking. I utilize smartphone GPS tracking apps with traditional drawing mediums as a means of excavating how a line, understood as a point moving through space, can be a mark made on paper, a series of illuminated pixels, or a body’s path made by going through a walk. These recent works resolve as 2D cartographic drawings. Making a drawing is an embodied practice involving mind, motion of hand and arm, and seeing. As I have engaged in these practices of walking and drawing, the boundaries between these practices have blurred for me. The mindful presence of the body moving through space, the observations and the noticing of life around me, the documenting of the line and seeing this line (the drawing) as the totality of the movement – they have woven together to form a contemplative practice. Walking similarly involves mindfulness, movement, and seeing. Therefore, the artmaking and the walking form a relationship between practice and experience, or praxis.

Crumpled Paper

The crumpled drawings began with the cliché of crumpling up the paper upon which one had started a bad drawing or had a bad idea, to toss in the wastebasket. Upon unfolding and attempting to flatten the paper, the paper’s original sharpness and crispness is lost, and one is left with a surface that is softened and flawed. The creases mar the surface and are impossible to avoid. Rather than begin a drawing with a fresh sheet of paper, I attempted to work with the flawed body, and work within the creases, indeed making them a vital part of the composition. These creases as well leave the drawing no longer flat but textured and 3-dimensional.

crumpled paper drawing art by Matthew Whitney
That Which Is – crumpled paper and graphite – 60″ x 84″


In my recent paintings, I am exploring the relationship between myself and the object, as it is being made.

Rupture - art, a painting of a black space opening up, fracturing, spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is a 1/1 talk-therapy like modality that can help you live a purposeful and awakened life.Through deep listening and non-judgmental presence, I engage with the events, circumstances, questions, and explorations of your own story. By offering this listening space, you are empowered to find inner wisdom, and learn to trust yourself and your experiences.

holding a sign in a protest march that says "I'm here to listen"

My walking practice, my studio practice, and my home all benefit from the land on which I live and work. I acknowledge this land as stewarded and blessed by the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People. I offer gratitude to the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe, and I support their fight for federal recognition and reparations through the Real Rent Duwamish movement.