Walking is a common, everyday practice that takes me from place to moment, from moment to memory, and from memory back to present. This walk is my everyday travel routine, in which I move from my home to the bus stop as I go to work. It is the same walk, each day. Walking is a movement – getting from point A to point B. Movement is also occurring in between point A and point B – inside the path of a line. I do a lot of thinking while walking – about conversations I’ve had with others, things I’ve read, errands that need running, problems that needs solving. So walking is not just physically moving from place to place, but moving mentally and soulfully from place to place as well. Thus, I am also changing, and being changed, in the walk. In the process, I am drawing lines between physical spaces, everyday spaces, and spiritual spaces, one step at a time.

View photo documentation of this walk at https://instagram.com/mattpwhitney/#movementmustalsomove

Recent works based on a specific routine walk.